Fun For All – Make it a “Yes Day”

Sometimes it feels like the only thing I say all day is ‘NO’… do your kids feel that way too?

If you’re up for an adventure and break from routine, its time to consider a Yes Day!

A Yes Day is when you let your kids set the day’s agenda, and you get to say Yes! to nearly every request.

Why on God’s Green Earth is this a Good Idea?

It’s fun.

It inspires creativity and teamwork for your kids.

It requires kids to prioritize and negotiate within limits.

It encourages self-confidence and empowerment.

It’s fun for parents because we get to let loose too (within established limits).

This will take some pre-planning and boundary setting so the little planners understand what they have to work with. Feel free to modify the rules – after all, this is your day too!

  1. Set a budget. Tell your kids how much money they have on “Yes Day” to spend. This teaches them financial responsibility.
  2. Determine the day’s events in advance. Ensures everyone’s expectations can be met within the bounds of a 24-hour period.
  3. Establish frequency. Is this is a once-a-year privilege, or can the kids earn a Yes Day through good behavior, exceptional grades or another major accomplishment? (Just make sure it’s a true reward so the excitement of earning one isn’t diluted.)
  4. Rules. Yes, limited rules still apply on a Yes Day. Some suggestions:
  • 3 good meals required (you can still have pizza for breakfast, just not Halloween candy for B, L & D).
  • Nothing can be planned that’s considered dangerous or illegal.
  • Agree on how far you are willing to drive/travel for the day.
  • No future tense requests. A Yes Day is a single day.
  • Limit screen time – let’s make this fun, people!
  • Agree on a bedtime in advance.

It’s fun to introduce the idea to your kids by sharing the book with them, available On Amazon (like all good things)! 

Thoughts? Have you had a Yes Day? What worked for you? Or, are you ready to schedule one?  I’d love to hear about your Yes Day adventures!