Need a new strategy to get your @** to the gym?

It happens. Life gets in the way, or we just simply aren’t motivated to get our workout in a particular day. The critical piece of this is your level of resiliency- don’t let one day turn into 2, or 7, or 30… HOW? Read on!


Here’s an awesome strategy to GET motivated and STAY motivated:

I love peanut butter. But I love cash more. And who doesn’t like extra cash!?!?

Get paid to meet your fitness goals through DietBet, the app that pays you when you achieve your goals from the pot of the contestants who didn’t meet theirs. Bet between $20-$100 on yourself per contest. Fitness goals fall into one of three categories: losing 4% of your weight in 4 weeks, 10% in 6 months, or maintain your weight for a full year. Weigh-in photos, videos and/or random audits ensure fair play. Payouts can be very large – $1000 in some cases. Sign up now for the 4-week game I created to get ahead of the holidays!

Sign up for my 4 week contest (Nov 3 – Nov 30)

Have you tried DietBet? What do you think? What other strategies work for you?


Life can be overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be.

As a working mother who tries to live up to the pressures of daily life – I recognize the feeling of not meeting everyone’s expectations all too often. And there are a lot of expectations to meet!! Why not provide some tools to help all of us in a similar situations make it easier to get through the challenges of balancing the roles we juggle constantly – mom, wife, work, boss, athlete, daughter, friend? That is my goal with this blog – to help you have easy access to the things that make this struggle easier to deal with – healthy, easy recipes, effective exercises moves and life tips to add some time back to your life (leaving room to squeeze in some fun along the way).


My first life hack tip is this: Learn to say “no”

That’s right – crazy concept right? It pretty much never happens – until you learn the freeing power of putting your thoughts and energy into things that matter, and not just what you feel obligated to do – be it from guilt or otherwise. A quick test to run through when considering if you should sign yourself up for something or not:

“is this a distraction from another task/activity that is a higher priority?”

“Am I going to receive personal gain from doing this?”

“Is this going to make me better?”

Learning to say “no” helps differentiate what matters and what doesn’t, and we live in a world with inflated importance on tasks that don’t help us improve ourselves or others.

I’d love to hear your thoughts! What did you say no to today?