Recipes: Abs ARE Made in the Kitchen

It’s true what they say; abs are made in the kitchen. Here, I share my family favorite recipes that are healthy, delicious, and kid-approved. I hope you enjoy them as much as our family does!

July 17th, 2017

Weeknight dinners have never been so easy. Really. Everyone loves this dish at our house – its easy, healthy and packed with favor. Usually all the ingredients are on hand, and after making it a couple of times, you don’t even need the recipe anymore because its so easily memorized. Boom!

date shallot chicken

June 25th, 2017

This healthy pancake recipe is a winner. Packed with protein, low sugar, and can easily be made gluten free, this is a filling breakfast option that tastes like a cinnamon roll. Use the Cinnamon Swirl mixture as a 1:1 replacement for sugar in any other baking recipe as an added bonus!

Cinnamon swirl

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