At the end of the day, I’m probably not unlike you.

My bucket is overflowing with obligations, expectations, commitments and initiatives I have that are both self-imposed and imposed upon me by others. My job is high stress and consumes a good portion of my time during normal business hours and not-normal business hours. I do what I can to raise our two high energy boys to think for themselves, try their best, respect others and to be a good friend. I attempt to support my husband (sometimes better than other times) in his career and aspirations, and I do my best to appreciate all that I have been blessed with in my life – opportunities, friends, a loving family, and the drive to succeed. As part of most days, I carve out time for myself so I don’t go crazy trying to meet the needs of myself and others and do my┬ábest in managing the work/life balance (or lack thereof) that seems to be the challenge of the working generations.

I created this blog with the intent of assisting those in similar situations – to help with meeting all these challenges weighing on us so heavily every day. Perhaps that is met by offering some humor, perhaps with some advice, perhaps with some perspective.

I hope you enjoy it and get what you need out of it.