Pamper yourself for pennies


If you’re like most people these days, you’re busy. Too busy. But you’re also not sure how to be un-busy. You know you need to relax, but who has time for an hour long massage and facial when you’re schlepping kids to 4 soccer games and 2 birthday parties every weekend? (Or whatever else consumes your weekend).

I was pondering how to tackle this delimma, and then found these:

I had no idea these magical single-use ‘facial sheets’ even existed until I spotted this one at the closeout rack at Ulta. Bingo! Folks, we have a winner. Meet your facial for 400 cents.

Of course, I had to try more so I could figure out which I liked best! (Side benefit to choosing your own weekly content to investigate). Here’s the scoop on what I tried:

Master Lab Intensive Brightening: $4 Ulta,  $4 Amazon:

Skin was definitely brighter and ‘younger’ looking after I tried it. Worth the $4, and more importantly the 20 minutes I spent wearing it. My face felt amazingly refreshed and clean after giving this one a whirl. And bright eyed! its been awhile since I had felt bright eyed…

Cat mask (tightening), SNP Animals Character Printed Mask (4 Types X2) Multi-pack, $12.44 Amazon

Not sure this really “tightened”. It felt soothingly heavy on my face and felt like it was doing something. Afterwards, my face felt crisp and clean, but not necessarily ‘tight’. Additionally, I must say there is absolutely nothing cute about a 39-year old woman wearing a cat-themed ‘tightening’ mask and I fail to see the relevance of a teenager needing one?

Panda mask (brightening) SNP Animals Character Printed Mask (4 Types X2) Multi-pack, $12.44 Amazon

Similar to the goofy looking cat mask – this is a thicker sheet that feels very soothing on your face (although your family will surely mock you if they see you in it). This one was supposed to restore dull skin and even skin tone. It did appear more ‘even’ after I tried it!

Yes to PrimRose oil, Yes To Mud Mask Bundle (6 Single Use Masks – 2 of each) Pack of 6 bundle

Slightly less convenient, this is a mud mask paste you apply with your fingers. That said, it only needs 5 to 10 minutes to work it’s magic. After about 1 minute, my entire face was responding to the tinglely goodness and it sure felt like it was doing something! After a quick rinse a few minutes later, I went to bed and fell into one of those deep sleeps that happens only when everything is right in the world…seriously. 4 hours of deep sleep- not my norm.

Yes to Argan Oil$4 Amazon

Another mud mask, I like the initial cool feeling and then tightening as the mask dries slightly. In only 10 minutes, my skin did feel “brighter” as advertised. I spent the rest of the day sans makeup while we ran about town and then went wine tasting… and felt a-ok doing so! Again, takes only slightly more time to apply and rinse when complete, but I think more effective than most of the sheet options. I’m buying these again!

Tony moly I’m Real Luminating Mask SheetTONYMOLY I’m Real Pearl Luminating Mask Sheet, 21 g. $3 Amazon

This is one of the longer wearing masks that states to wear it from 20 to 30 minutes. It had a medium level thickness and felt less ‘cool’ on my face than some of the other options.

Tony moly I’m Real Nutrition Mask Sheet, TONYMOLY I’m Real Lavender Hydrating Mask Sheet, 21 g. $3 Amazon

Similar to the luminating sheet, this one suggests wear from 20-30 minutes. With lavender all over the label, it’s no surprise that I loved the way this one smelled. It also fit really well – not too big, not too small and strategic cuts in the right places to encourage a true one-size-fits all. I was excited about this one since I’ve been told a number of times my skin is dry or dehydrated. (All that water I drink is clearly offset by my caffeine addiction). I will definitely be buying more of these, as this one was my favorite sheet mask. I noticed a fresher look even the next day.

Have you tried one of these at home facials? What are your favs?


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