Turning lemons into lemonade… what to do with leftovers

Sometimes I get so frustrated with the boys when they get beyond picky with their food. They’ll shun certain yogurt flavors or brands, only eating the exotic fruit from the fruit salad, only want specific cuts of meat, extra sharp cheddar, etc. And I only need one of them to have a “picky” moment before the other one quickly follows suit. 

How did these kids get so privileged? 

Well, being the good food hoarder that I am, I’ve decided not to put up with it anymore. We’re making lemonade out of lemons starting this week and not turning back! We’re reclaiming our leftovers!

Today’s “food repurpose” opportunity came in the form of leftover breakfast. We’ve been picking off fruit salad for two days and the only thing left was droopy blueberries and pineapples stained purple from – yes, the blueberries. The beautiful strawberries, mango and kiwi had disappeared after day one.

Checked the fridge – ah, the Chobani Greek yogurt section of the fridge that has gone untouched for several weeks and is nearing expiration. (Kids don’t like the texture of Greek yogurt all of a sudden — see note above about ‘privileged kids’).

My mind immediately goes to popcicles. I mean, who doesn’t love a popcicle for goodness sake?

Droopy blueberries, stained pineapple and undesired yogurt have never been in a happier combination and all it took was a 2-minute whirl in my blender. Here’s a picture of them enjoining the undesireables:

Ha! Winning! 

I’ll be blending up more undesireable combos in future posts. 

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