Limits are self-imposed

I’m watching #Breaking2 with the world’s 3 best hopefuls trying to accomplish the impossible – running a marathon in under 2 hours. The world record is currently 2:02:57. ¬†For a non runner, ~3 minutes may not seem like much, but for world class athletes, it’s been a 2-year journey just to try to beat it. It’s the equivalent pace to a 13.6 on the treadmill, or a 4:34.7 min mile average.

What can we learn from this? These athletes likely understand these limits better than the rest of us mere mortals. They realize how hard that 3 minute gap is to overcome.

What I think about is:

  • Mental health is as important, or not more, than physical health once you reach a certain athletic level
  • Confidence in your abilities and coaching allows you to foresee your dreams are possible
  • Achieving our goals takes time, focus and energy

These are lessons we can easily apply to our own lives. Are we taking care of our mental health? Do we believe in ourselves, or are we prisoners of our our thoughts? Are we listening to the coaches we have in our lives? And, are we being patient enough to achieve our goals?

And while I write this post, Kipchoge just made history and broke the (unofficial) world record.

26.2 miles in 2:00:25

Not sub 2, but pretty freaking impressive.

What are you capable of when you remove your self-imposed limits?

My goal is to run a sub 6 min mile. What’s yours?

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